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My Dryer Vent Guy was established in 2007. I had a dryer vent fire in my own house and no one worked on them. I learned everything I could about dryers and dryer vents. I had to rebuild my dryer vent to current building codes.

I spent the next year learning everything I could and went around to all my friends and family and checked their dryer vents. I either cleaned them or rebuilt them. In January of 2007 I decided after a year of practice I was ready to open up shop.

It has been 12 years and I have installed over 10,000 new vents and cleaned so many vents that I have lost track of the actual number.

This is not just a business for me. This is a passion. I almost lost my home and family to a dryer fire and I do not want to see you go through what my family had to.

I’ve had the opportunity to build phenomenal relationships with my customers over the years – and I’d be excited to start my next one with you.

Interested? Call me at (518) 945-VENT(8368) or send me and email at: [email protected]