Certified Safety Expert

A Professional Gent to Clean Your Vent

With the current state of the economy many "jacks of all trades" have entered the dryer vent business to try to supplement their income.

We do not clean heating ducts, clean carpets or sweep chimneys as our primary business.

We ONLY work on dryer vents

We Are Dryer Vent Specialists with 12 years of experience.

We do not repair dryers.


We educate all of our customers.

Please feel free to visit all the pages of this website. It is chuck full with useful information regarding the safety and economic issues associated with your dryer.

Not only will you receive quality expert service, but you will also learn how to keep your dryer operating safely and efficiently to prevent fires and save money on your utility bills. We are committed to educate you of the hazards within a dryer vent in addition to performing an important service.

Give me a call at 518-945-VENT (8368) and we can discuss your dryer vent needs.