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Dryer Vent Cleaning and Inspection for Condo Associations

If you live in a condo community where many common items are arranged by your condo association then cleaning of the dryer vents would most likely fall into this category.

If you condo association has a large number of units then there may be an opportunity for your association to save a significant amount of money by allowing the association to purchase the dryer vent cleaning for all units. This will save the individual condo or town house owner a significant amount off the standard single unit rate.

My Dryer Vent Guy can come to your location and survey and appraise your needs and we can quote the dryer vent cleaning. The size of your association will be a factor in gaining the lowest cost per unit cleaned but rest assured the unit owner and the condo association as a whole will save money. We can also coordinate our work with your property manager. We will do the dryer vent cleaning in a convenient way to minimize disturbance to the occupants.

Typical Condo Associations adapt one of the two policies listed below regarding Dryer Vent Cleaning.


The Association requires professional Dryer Vent Inspections on an annual basis.  Most Condo Associations require that the Inspection Report be submitted by November 1 of each year.  The reason for this date is because it follows the National Fire Prevention Month which is October of each and every year.

The Unit Owners are required to submit a completed inspection report to the Association which details the findings of Pass or Fail.  If at the time of inspection it is determined that a cleaning or repair is needed, it will be noted in the inspection report.  If the Unit Owner chooses to have the recommended cleaning or repair, the inspection report will reflect the work done.

The cost for for the inspection is $25.00 per unit and is paid directly to My Dryer Vent Guy from the Unit Owner.


 The Association requires Professional Dryer Vent Cleanings once every 3 to 5 years. The Association arranges Dryer Vent cleaning directly with My Dryer Vent Guy on behalf of all the occupants.

A negotiated price per Unit is predetermined, and all Unit Owners are required to have the cleaning done when scheduled.

Details vary – but typically the Association pays My Dryer Vent Guy directly for any exterior duct hoods or flappers, etc that need to be replaced, that might be found damaged or missing, during the “cleaning”.

However, each Unit Owner is required to individually pay for the actual vent cleaning of the vent work for their Unit.

The reason each Unit Owner pays individually, is because there may be “add on” costs specific to a Unit.
For example, the first time you have a cleaning done, the transition duct running from the Clothes Dryer to the wall (Owner responsibility) may need replacement because it does not meet current code, and so it has to be replaced, which is required by law.

Since some transition ducts from the Dryer to the wall, may need to be replaced, and some do not – billing the Unit Owner directly simplifies billing.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about cleaning your condominium units’  dryer vents then give us a call at (518) 945-8368.


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*Cleaning the inside of the dryer cabinet consists of brushing and vacuuming the lint out of the lint screen cavity and the exhaust tube of the dryer as well as removing any built up lint on the dryer tumbler that is accessible from the dryer door. 
We do not remove the dryer cover at any time.